Office of Continuing Care

What is the Office of Continuing Care (OCC)?

The Office of Continuing Care was created to make sure that young adults who age out of the foster care system between 18-26 have a point of contact for ongoing support.

What does the OCC do?

The OCC is your direct contact to provide you with information on how to access services you may need. This includes help with food assistance, behavioral health services, housing, Medicaid, educational services, and other local resources. The OCC will help you access these services and help you complete the documents required to apply for these services.

How do I reach the OCC?

(850) 300-HOPE

Who will I speak to at OCC? 

You will speak with a specialist over the phone who is an adult with lived experience—this means they were also in foster care themselves.  

The Law

Fla Stat. sec 414.56

In This Section:

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