Life Skills Training

What independent living services will I get at 13?

Starting at age 13, you should get life skills training to help you get ready for adulthood. Your case manager must give you and your caregivers a list of activities to help you work on life skills.

Your case manager should ask you about the skills you are learning monthly starting at age 13 and should be making note of the skills you are working on. Many of these skills you should learn where you are living.

What type of skills should I be working on?

  •  How to spend and save money
  •  Household chores like doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking, and more
  • How to get a job
  •  Succeeding and/or doing well in school
  • And more

 When you turn 14, you will help make your own plan to help you get ready for adulthood.

The Law

Fla Stat Sec 409.14515, Fla Admin Code 65C-28.009

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