Documents You Will Get

What documents will I get when I am 17? 

The documents that must be given to you by your case manager before you turn 18 are: 

  • Medicaid card 
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate 
  • Driver’s license or State ID if you do not yet have your license 
  • Social Security Card 
  • Bank account or information and documents needed to open one on your own 
  • Your educational records 
  • Your health and mental health records 
  • A letter that shows the dates that the dependency case is open 
  • A letter showing you are in compliance with financial aid documentation requirements 
  • A letter that informs you about court hearings and your right to attend 

Is there any other information I should get? 

Your case manager should also give you the following information: 

  • Where you will be living on your 18th birthday and how the living environment will be paid for, and info on any education program you will be enrolled in 
  • How to request your case file 
  • How to get a driver’s license or permit 
  • Information on how to access your any social security benefits you might have 
  • Information on programs you qualify for: EFC, PESS, Aftercare 
  • Information on public assistance programs and how to apply for them 
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SCRAPPY TIP: get a folder to keep all of your important documents in so you don’t lose them!


The Law

Fla Stat sec 39.701

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