About Taylor Sartor

A collage of a large group of people (some adults and some youth. Pictured adults include mental and medical health professionals and a teacher. Pictured youth include those between 13 and 23 years of age performing different life skills like going to work, going over their finances, and doing their homework.

Meet the

Creator of FosterPower.

Taylor Sartor is a staff attorney at the L. David Shear Children’s Law Center where she represents youth in foster care in dependency proceedings and in the education setting. She is also the creator of FosterPower, a movement to improve the lives and futures of youth in foster care by creating access to information on their benefits, protections, and legal rights. Taylor focuses on issues related to human trafficking, disabilities, commitment in psychiatric facilities, aging out of foster care, school to prison pipeline prevention, and more. She served as an Equal Justice Works Fellow at the Children’s Law Center from 2018-2020. Taylor received a bachelor’s degree in English literature, magna cum laude, from Florida State University in 2014. She earned her Juris Doctor with a concentration in social justice advocacy from Stetson University College of Law in 2018. Taylor is the founder of the organization Child Advocates of Stetson Law.

Social justice lawyer Taylor Sartor (formerly Greenberg) is a leading expert on the rights of children and young adults in foster care. Taylor has managed to condense Florida laws and benefits for youth in foster care into a child-friendly, easy-to-navigate app and website. She also developed an in-depth training program for child welfare professionals. There’s no doubt that this project—now called FosterPower—was a huge undertaking, and I can’t think of anyone more capable of making this happen than Taylor. She has spent countless hours ensuring that the information provided is up-to-date, accurate, and explained in a way that relates to its intended audience— Florida's youth in foster care. Laws are not secrets that should be kept from the people they are designed to help. Equipping children and young adults with knowledge about the laws designed to protect them and help them lead successful lives gives them the dignity and respect they deserve. FosterPower will positively transform child welfare, and I'm grateful to be a part of a nonprofit law firm that supports creative and innovative ideas that empower the individuals we serve. Thank you to Taylor Sartor, Rastko Durica, David Gray, Bay Area Legal Services, Legal Services Corporation, and all of the people who played a role in making FosterPower come to life. Sincerely,
Heather Tager
Managing Attorney, L. David Shear Children's Law Center Bay Area Legal Services