Tuition Waiver

What is a tuition waiver?

A tuition waiver is a form that allows the tuition, or cost, of attending a public college, university, or trade school, to be waived. This means you do not have to pay to attend a public school in Florida. The waiver can be used until the age of 28, and there is no GPA requirement or a limit to the number of credit hours (or classes) that you can take.

What types of schools will accept the tuition waiver?

  • State universities
  • Florida public colleges
  • Trade Schools/ workforce education programs

What types of courses can I take?

  • Undergraduate classes
  • Graduate classes including a Master’s degree or PHD
  • Professional school: example dental school, law school 

How do I qualify for a tuition waiver?

In Florida you will receive a tuition and fee waiver (meaning you do not have to pay the cost to attend college or trade school)if:

You were removed from your parents’ care and never reunified. (This means you could have aged out of foster care, been adopted, or been placed with a relative or non relative.)


You were reunified after age 14 and spent at least 18 months in foster care.

How long do I have to use the tuition waiver?

Your tuition waiver can be used until the age of 28.

The Law

Fla. Stat. sec 1009.25

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