Getting an Immigration Attorney

How can I find an immigration attorney?

It is very important that you tell your child welfare attorney, your case worker, and the judge that you want help understanding your immigration options.  In some cases, they may be able to help find an attorney or the court may be able to order the government to get you an immigration attorney.  Check out resources below to find an immigration attorney:

  1. Immigration Advocates Network (Non-Profit):
  2. DOJ List of Pro Bono Legal Service Providers:​
  3. AILA Find a Lawyer (Includes Private Practice)​:

Benefits of having an attorney

How to know you have a real attorney (ask for bar number) check state bar website. Ask the attorney to explain confidentiality and how your information is protectedAttorney can help ensure that your rights in the immigration system are protected.
You can talk to your attorney about options and questions, such as: How can I get immigration status or ID? What are my options?
Pros/Cons of each one
Timelines for Each
What kind of evidence is required?
Likelihood of Success
How Familiar is the Attorney with this Option for your type of case or country?
What is the impact, if any, on access to public benefits?
What is the impact, if any, for your family members?
Would this remedy make you eligible to apply for an ID, work permit or SSN?

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