Mental Health Services

How can I get mental health services?

You can get mental health services at no cost to you through your health insurance. When you are in foster care, you will have Medicaid, which is a government run health insurance program. Medicaid will pay for you to have mental health services and can sometimes also offer help with transportation.

There are many therapies, services, and supports available to you to help you deal with or prevent mental health conditions. It may be helpful for you to talk to a therapist once a week, or to get an assessment to find out the best type of therapy or mental health care that is right for you. Talk to your case manager, your Guardian ad litem or attorney if you have one, and the judge if you would like to receive mental health treatment.

What Are CBHAs?

CBHA stands for “Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments”. These are assessments that take a complete look at all of your needs and history. This includes physical health and medical history, mental health, education history, and more. CBHAs are not confidential (private) which means the judge and other parties such as your case manager, guardian ad litem, your attorney, and parents can view the report.

Why Are They Done?

CBHAs are used to help guide services you might need. The services that the CBHA says you need will be put into your case plan.An example of a service you might need could be dental care, a tutor for math, or a therapist to talk to about all of the changes you are going through being in foster care.

Who Does the CBHA?

CBHAs must be done by a licensed mental health counselor or under the supervision of a licensed counselor. That means your regular medical doctor cannot perform a CBHA. If you have a disability or other special needs someone with experience in that field should be involved in completing the CBHA

When do I get a CBHA done?

All children who are taken into state custody and placed in a licensed placement are supposed to have a CBHA performed within 30 days. Children who go to relatives or non-relative placement do not always have a CBHA completed but they may still be able to have one done. If you are enrolled in Medicaid and in foster care, you may have a CBHA done once every 12 months.

The Law

Fl Admin. Code 65C-28.014

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