Medical Specialists

What are some of the different types of specialists I have access to? 

  • Dermatologist: treats skin problems, including skin cancers, acne, and warts.
  • Gastroenterologist: treats stomach problems, including acid reflux, ulcers, and polyps or growths that occur in the large intestine.
  • Podiatrist: treats feet and ankles. They also treat fractures, dry and cracked heels, deformities, athlete’s foot, sports injuries, and ingrown toenails.
  • Gynecologist: treats female patients and their reproductive systems. They treat hormone imbalances, cysts, pelvic pain, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS. They can help you get birth control and check to make sure you are not at risk for cervical cancer.
  • Obstetrician: treats women who are pregnant or giving birth to a baby. You may have one doctor who is both an obstetrician and a gynecologist which is called an OB-GYN.
  • Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor (ENT): treats your ears, nose, and throat problems, such as ear infections, hearing problems, allergies, sinus conditions, and problems swallowing.
  • Psychiatrist specializes in treatment of mental health conditions and can prescribe psychotropic medications.

How do I look up more specialists?

For general information, click HERE or call 1-877-711-3662.

If you are enrolled in Sunshine Health, click HERE 

  • Step 1: Type in your location.
  • Step 2: Select the health network you are covered under.
  • Step 3: Click “Medical Professionals.” Click the “Medical Specialist” option . Next, click “specialty” and select the type of specialist you are looking for.

Do I need a referral from my primary care doctor to make an appointment with a specialist?

No, you do not need a paper referral to make an appointment with certain specialists that are covered under your insurance’s network of providers. However, to make an appointment with a specialist who is out of your network (not covered by your insurance), then a referral (also called a “prior authorization”) from your doctor is required and will have to be submitted for approval to your Medicaid plan.

The Law

Fla. Stat. sec. 409.905, 409.967, 409.973,Fla. Admin. Code R. 59G-4

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