Going to School

Can I go to school even if the school does not have all my records? 

Yes, under the Every Student Succeeds Act you have the right to be immediately enrolled in school even if the school has not gotten all your records.  Your new school is required to immediately contact the last school you attended to get your records.   

 I have had a lot of absences.  Can the school suspend me? 

The school cannot suspend you for unexcused tardiness, lateness, absence, or truancy.

Can the school tell my foster parent or case manager to pick me up from school because I am misbehaving? 

No, the school must provide you with an education. The only time you must be picked up is if you are sick or you have been suspended. 

Do I have a right to education if I am in juvenile detention or a residential treatment center?  

Yes, you have the right to go to school in juvenile detention or a residential treatment facility.  You have the right to education programs and opportunities including textbooks, technology, support, and resources that are the same as the resources provided to students in public schools.

What if I have disability and need extra support in a juvenile detention or residential treatment center? 

If you are placed in juvenile detention or a lockdown residential treatment center and need services or accommodations because of a disability, you have the right to get an education with the services and/or accommodations you need for your disability. 

The Law

Fla. Stat. Sec. 1003.52, Fla. Stat. Sec. 1006.09, Fla. Admin. Code 6A-6.05281

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