Do I get an allowance?

When you are in a foster home or a group home, you must be given a cash allowance each month, so you can practice getting, spending, and saving money.

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SCRAPPY TIP: Ask your foster parent or group home about allowance if you are not getting one.

Can my allowance be taken away as punishment?

Your allowance CANNOT be taken away from you as a way of punishment and must not be tied to your behavior or doing chores. There may be some limits in place for you if you are not following rules in your placement, but withholding your allowance is not one of them.  

What can I buy with my allowance?

You may save or spend your allowance. There could be some rules on how you spend your money. For example, you would not be allowed to buy something dangerous.

You are not expected to buy items you need for hygiene such as a toothbrush or soap. You are also not expected to buy yourself school supplies, clothing or other things you need out of your allowance. Your foster parent, group home, or caregiver has to buy these items for you.

What if I do not get my allowance?

Your case manager should be checking with you during each home visit to make sure that you have gotten your allowance. So, if you are having any problems with getting your allowance you should tell your case manager as soon as possible. You may also contact your Guardian ad litem or attorney if you
have one to tell them you are not getting your allowance or inform the judge at your next court hearing.

How much should I get for allowance?

You should be getting the same amount of allowance as all other kids your age. Your placement must also keep track of the amount of allowance that they have received from the State for you. When your case manager asks if you are getting your monthly allowance, check with them to make sure you are getting the right amount of allowance.

Can anyone refuse to pay my monthly allowance or use my Master Trust account’s personal allowance instead?

The monthly allowance is part of the money your placement gets each month and a specific part of that must be put aside for you. Any “personal allowance” you get from your Master Trust account is in addition to the monthly allowance. Not every child has a Master Trust Account.

A picture of an adorable blue cartoon pit bull named Scrappy.

SCRAPPY TIP: Let your case manager know if you do not get your allowance. 

Do I get an allowance in an emergency shelter or group home?

Yes. You must get your allowance at least monthly if you are in a shelter or group home. You do not have to use allowance to purchase hygiene items, school supplies, clothing, or other items you need even if you are in a shelter or group home. Those items must still be provided to you in your placement.

The Law

Fla. Admin. Code 17.002, 28.009, 46.008

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